Printing width 1280, 1620, 1850
Printing repeat 64, 82, 91.4, 101.8 cms.
Printing speed 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
Suitability of cloth Cotton, viscose,  polyester,  knitted,  lycra etc.
Drive of the m/c A.C. variable-inverter drive
Dryer type Oil/ Gas/ Steam heated.

Closed Bearing

Infinium is equipped with a superior closed bearing system that can be fitted with either blade or magnet squeegees. Superior and proven technical design ensures high printing accuracy for printing most complex types of designs at even higher speeds.

Squeegee Blade System

Blade system offers unique advantages- High quality surface printing, more Brightness / Vibrancy of colours, Low colour paste consumption. The consumption of paste can be controlled by the angle of the squeegee blade. Most suitable for printing sharp lines, half tones and fine details. Other befits are less friction between screen and squeegee, longer screen-life and reduce pinholes.

Magnet Roller Squeegee

Infinium also offers the option of magnet roller squeegee which is a very user-friendly system, and mainly used for wide-width printing. The consumption of printing paste is controlled by the roll diameter and the magnetic force, which is adjustable for each individual printing position. Plain and knurled type magnet rods are used for different types of print effect . Unique advantages of magnet system is greater colour penetration through the fabric. Hence more suitable for blotches.

Combi Squeegee System

Customized combination of blade and magnet roller squeegee possible.

Head Casing

Head casings of Infinium are more durable because they are made form stainless steel for longer life. Suspension covers made from Stainless steel for longer durability. Inter-locking of the machine are controlled by PLC system for fool-proof printing performance and better control.

New Permanent Magnet Beams

Infinium’s newly introduced Permanent magnet beams are more stable and they do not require electricity compare to the electro magnetic type squeegee, which means no heat generation . Since there is no beam deformation, it results in longer life of the machines, superior printing quality and also longer life of the expansive printing blanket.

PVA Gluing Unit

mainly used for cotton fabrics. Enhanced PVA gluing system for uniform gluing across the blanket with minimum glue consumption. Optional magnetic rod system for uniform glue application and optimum glue thickness on the blanket.

Thermoplast Gumming System

Suitable for wide variety of fabrics. high efficiency infrared heaters for both blanket and bent plate enabled thermoplast gluing system compact and efficient.

Double Diaphragm Colour Pump

With auto-level control

Colour pumps- Embee’s most successful double diaphragm colour pump are very versatile for handling almost any kind of colour pastes with wide range from low to high viscosity.

Embee’s diaphragm pump are air orated and hance save highly on electricity compared to the gear pumps.

unique design of the pumps have minimum maintenance compared to gear pumps wear and tear ensuring high durability and economic oration.

Blanket washing unit

Highly efficient washing system has pre-washer as well as post washing section further coupled with optional waste water re-circulation system.

Guard covers of the blanket washing system made from stainless steel for corrosion protection and longer life.

provided with special PU scrapers/squeegee in blanket washing for longer life compared to rubber.

Control panel

Emergency stop button provided at suitable places

High Quality Electrical & Electronic Components