Special Infeed for Lycra & Knitted fabric

Standard Infeed for Woven fabric

Special Infeed for Lycra & Knitted fabric

Technical Specification

Batch Unwinder

Pneumatic unbatching arm with digital drive system suitable for A-frame batching trolley.

J-BOX System

Handles lycra/knitted/delicate fabrics (keeps the fabric loose and holds some stock of fabric initially at in-feed).

Double Scroll Roller Unit

For opening of lycra blends, knitted and delicate fabrics.

Brushing And Dust Extraction System

High quality brushing and suction systems for removing all types of lints/fibers/dust from the fabric before going to printing.

Pneumatic Cloth Guiders

Cloth guiders suitable for woven fabrics.

Narrow Edge Opening System

It enable printing to the last edge of the fabric for minimum wastage of the fabric edge and also prevents sensitive fabric edge from being curled on the blanket before they go for printing.

Slatted Roller Expander Unit With Pneumatic Edge Control

Handles delicate fabrics, opening/spreading it evenly and removing the curls, centering of the fabric and preventing the curls at edges. The tension control measures and also controls the tension of knitted and lycra fabrics which are subject to tension/elasticity. Further slatted roller expander units rotation speed is synchronized with the speed of the blanket to ensue perfect printing without any distortions.