Embee, established in 1956 with a small beginning always believed in continuous innovation and research for the betterment of  today’s and tomorrow’s commitments to the textile industry.

Today, Embee provides a complete range of rotary printing solutions. Innovation has been not only core strength, but also a tradition at Embee.  As Embee is continuously working on bringing technology and innovation together, the company now completely understands the challenges faced in textile industry. Challenges such as slow output, space and energy consumption, hazardous chemicals, maintenance cost, manpower requirement and difficulty in operation slows down the productivity of the industry.

Considering these major setbacks, Embee has launched a revolutionary stripping machine – LaserBird ! A non hazardous, chemical free, hassle free and economical rotary screen stripping alternate to the conventional hazardous way. Further, the cost for laser stripping is lowest and it is the most economical way of stripping the screens quickly.

The standard screen length is 2000mm and can be customized up to 3700mm. With 640 repeats the stripping time is 20mintues/screen (up to 50 screens a day). The stripping speed is 640cm2/ minute with the power requirement of 10KW. It is suitable for 640mm, 819mm, 914mm and 1018mm repeats.


Technical Specifications:

  • Computerized and fully automatic laser stripping machine
  • One touch operation
  • No other running cost except electricity
  • Air suction unit for automatic stripped waste collection in separate drum
  • Completely dry area
  • Work under daylight
  • Fewer process steps
  • Very Simple workflow
  • PLC, HMI assisted hardware
  • Software for laser stripping machine is provided.

Key Benefits:               

  • No Hazardous Chemicals
  • Zero Pollution
  • Longer Life of Screen
  • Zero Maintenance Cost
  • Lowest Stripping Cost (Less than $1/- per screen)
  • Easy Operation
  • Labor Cost Saving
  • Fast Output
  • Lowest Energy Cost (Less than 10 KW)
  • Space Saving

Embee’s all products are aligned with its vision. Embee group’s vision is to be the most trusted global leader in innovative technological solutions which are focused on Higher Efficiency and Returns for sustainable growth of all the stakeholders.