• Lowest energy consumption (up to 60% proven)
  • Fast and optimum drying efficiency possible due to unique dryer design with 3 Chamber dryer having 12 Radiators each with 104 tubes, coupled with special airflow system for maximum heat efficiency and air circulation inside the chambers. Higher number of tubes enable faster drying and low energy consumption. High quality insulation used for minimum heat loss and energy efficiency. Compact dryer with low volume leads to further low energy consumption. Low height design of the dryer is suitable for raising it higher to free the floor space, hence space saving
  • Different heating options available (GAS/ THERMIC OIL/ STEAM) as per customer’s choice
  • Highly efficient temperature control with inverter system.
  • Normally 3 chambers (6sections) dryer with 3 pass system provided however, Customized design available (from 2.5 chambers to 5 chambers). Fabric intake height by Conveyor can be adjusted/designed (low/high) as per requirement.
  • Suitable for drying all types of fabrics.
  • All blowers (fans) are controlled with individual inverter drive system for maximum energy efficiency and minimum energy consumption as Inverter drive system provides variable speed control of the fans/blowers.
  • Specially designed nozzles for easy and fast cleaning for maximum energy efficiency. Optional Triplet nozzle system in dryer for direct airflow in all three pass inside the dryer.
  • For longer life of the dryer, heat resistant paint used. Complete Machine structure powder coated for longer durability of the machine.

Oil & Steam Heated Dryer

With high efficiency double radiators for each section of dryer i.e. 4 radiators per chamber enables very high drying capacity & faster production.

Gas Heated Dryer

With close circuit design of dryer to enable very fast gain of drying temperature-which ensures high efficiency.